Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nature Pics

Did ya see it?Eclipse
Lunar EclipseWe caught a little glimpse of the lunar eclipse this morning just before it ducked behind the neighbor's house. These are best I could do picture-wise though I was snapping furiously and trying all different settings on the camera.

RingoI thought this was a Japanese Beetle, but it didn't have the tell-tale black and white puffs on the backside that all of the icky interesting websites said to look for. Not really sure I want to know what it is since it was swimming in the pool. But for what its worth... we named him Ringo.


  1. Looks like the Japanese beetles in my yard, but what do I know? I am usually trying to kill them or get them off of my plants!!! ;)


  2. Good for you for catching the eclipse. :) I was up at 2:00 a.m. watching the sheets of heavy rain and the 70 mph winds.

    Didn't think to stay awake for the eclipse. :(

  3. That looks like the Japanese Beetles I've been picking off all my vegetables! Yuck!!

    I can't believe you were up for the lunar eclipse -- with no infant to rouse you! Crazy girl!

  4. I saw part of the eclipse - about 5 minutes worth!

    Nice pics!


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