Monday, August 27, 2007

A One Track Behind

The Potty Train left Paddington Station a little over 2 weeks ago and has finally arrived at Waterloo.

BigBoy is officially potty trained!!!!!!

No more diapers. No Pull-Ups either. (And all without terrifying flashbacks! Yeah!)

We went a little 'retro' and invited Potty Scotty aboard for our final stretch of the training track. They are potty training pants like the kind my MIL used but I had no idea they existed. Pull-Ups felt too much like diapers to him and threatened to derail our efforts. He only wears Scotty at night and most mornings wakes up dry. He has even conquered his fear of the giant white throne when we have been out and about (although he still prefers his comfy little potty chair at home) and we have fixed that nasty *directional issue we first had with his new underpants. Why in the world are the cool superheroes on the bum side where you can't see them?
Suddenly he looks 3 inches taller and 5 pounds lighter. His pants are fitting better. It doesn't matter if the diaper bag is empty. I haven't changed a diaper in weeks. Sniff. I do however get to enjoy a play-by-play of all the "action" and color commentary too. Sigh. This is good, right?

(*Please tell me it's not just my kid who wanted to wear his underwear backwards!)


  1. Congrats to Big Boy.. and you!


  2. Ha ha ha... no you're not alone... imagine 3 boys wearing Superhero pants and none have the image on the front... what are they doing? Looking at each others' bums! And then, of course, there's the constant need to drop their drawers to show other people their really super cool underpants... oh the joys of parenthood :-).

  3. Since you asked, my 2.5 yo also wears his undies (and shorts) backwards, but not necessarily b/c of the pictures. He does it with plain colors, stripes, and patterns, too. My 4yo daughter also has a directional issue with all her clothes. They're my Kris Kross kids.

  4. ROFL!! HA! HA! HA! My 4 yo boy wears his underwears backwards too! And it doesn't matter what I tell him. He doesn't care. He has to have his super heroes on the front!! LOL!

    So I've just let it go. As long as he's comfortable! I figure when he gets married his wife can just buy him white underwear and deal with this issue!

    Nice to know mine isn't the only one either!

  5. How can I have 7 little ones and never have heard of Potty Scotty? I love it! Loose enough that they can pull up their own pants? Yippee! Theo has been potty trained for a year and he still insists on his underwear being backwards. Pick the hill you want to die on, eh? Lisa

  6. Underwear backwards...yup.

    How about underwear on the outside (just like Batman and Robin)?

  7. Lisa,
    They also have Potty Patty for your littlest two! So nice to "see" you in cyberspace!


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