Thursday, September 13, 2007

Most Holy Name of Mary

Our day was hectic, but still lovely and everyone thoroughly enjoyed our "Mary Day". We opted for the watercolors and decorated Mary's names while BigBoy napped.
We made Double Kiss Cupcakes with blue sugar sprinkle M's. (Technically, they were single kiss cupcakes. Shhhhhh!) They say that great minds think alike. What do they say about minds that think in the photo negative of each other? Check out Margaret's beautiful cake and Margaret's beautiful Cate.

Well, they didn't really look like croissants but I have been assured that they taste delicious. They will be gobbled up for breakfast since they took longer than the 3 1/2 hours the recipe allotted and didn't finish baking until after dinner. There was no coffee and no moon cookies either thanks to headaches that have been coming and going around here. Today should be a nice quiet day. I hope yours is too!


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