Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Climbing Mt. Laundry

Newscaster: What you're hearing right now is the voice of the doctor who's at Base Camp and who's doing physiological testing with Matilda.

Doc: Jane was sorting through and washing the winter clothes for her four children when the youngest one started throwing up. Because she was taking care of a sick toddler, Jane left her coffee sitting on the counter until it was too cold to drink. Who was Jane taking care of?

WM: She was caring for her toddler.

Doc: Two seconds. Who was the coffee for?

WM: For Jane.

Doc: That was also two seconds.

WM: ... (inaudible) I'm sorry. ... (sob).

Doc: As you probably realize you caught us at an extraordinary moment. We never expected that this live broadcast would come at the very moment that Matilda reached the summit. What we were doing up there is—we call it psychometrics or neuro-psychiatric testing to determine whether or not her brain has been affected at the summit.

Newscaster: She sounds like she's in good shape. But..what was that last response?

Doc: Well, Matilda, as are all of our climbers, are only human. And, you know, most people get to the top of this mountain and don't even realize they're there. Lack of oxygen, sleep, coffee...

WM: (whimper, whimper, sob)


  1. I love your trunk and the comparison.
    If your little one is sick, we pray he is better soon.

  2. Thank you for the prayers. My little one was sick this morning right in the middle of two season's worth of laundry since we have just pulled out the winter clothes and I was a little (ahem) behind on the summer clothes.

  3. I. am. laughing. out. loud. Thanks.

  4. Oh, Matilday, I feel your pain!! I just went through the weekend from h...purgatory last week, when my children started getting sick on the way home from a trip. They then proceeded to force ahead the semi-planned chore of washing every sheet and blanket in our house ~ some beds I've had to strip and wash twice! Why are they always sick at night, and why can't they hit either the toilet or the trashcan???

  5. You poor darlin'! Our little bug seemed to only last 24 hours and so far, only affected the littlest guy.

    Might I recommend... metal bowls (like mixing bowl sized) to keep in bed with them if they indicate even in the slightest that their tummies are upset. They are non-porous and can be sterilized with boiling water pretty easily. Plus, they are smaller and easier to wash than trashcans.

    Hope everyone is on the mend soon!


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