Monday, October 22, 2007


Rain and RosesIt's here! It's HERE! It's really, really here! I confess, I have been so jealous of all of you who live in parts north and northeast of here in your long sleeve shirts and with your beautifully colored trees. (No one even noticed the fact we were still wearing shorts to the park.) And while our trees here in Texas may never look that vibrant, at the very least the WEATHER could try to cooperate with the season! 90 degrees in October? UGH!

But that is in the past (as in yesterday) and today it is in the 50's with lots of wet stuff falling from the skies. After the wet spring/early summer/late summer we had you would think we would be sick of it, but cold rain is sooooooo much nicer that hot, sticky rain and this rain is delightfully chilly. There is a definite nip in the air and I am feeling invigorated. Look out closets full of warm, woolly goodness. Here we come!


  1. What fun! We need some of that weather over here. :)

  2. Yahooo!

    We've already had hot cocoa and hot cider.... (not at the same time, I think we waited 5 minutes between)


  3. So funny. Yesterday we had 80 degrees here in Massachusetts. I kept thinking: am I back in Texas?

    Today is cooler and breezy; but I'm still wearing short sleeves and capri pants. Not what I expect from fall in New England! We do have some nice color, though I must admit.

    Enjoy the cool snap while it lasts.

  4. Exactly Melanie! Who knows how long it will last? Keeping our fingers crossed!

  5. I am loving the fall weather, too! I keep thinking we need to school through July and August and take October off!


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