Thursday, October 11, 2007

Guilty Pleasures

I am "Waltzing Matilda" not because I have any particular fondness for The Land Down Under, although, I have had the chance to get to know a lovely lady who lives there and think it must be a beautiful place to behold.

No. As you can tell from the banner up above, I like dancing. Ballroom dancing to be specific. Fox Trot, Tango, Swing or Samba! So when a friend of mine introduced me to Dancing With The Stars, I was hooked. Now, before anyone starts hurling BUTs at me let me just say that I know... most of the costumes are incredibly immodest, covering no more than a couple of tissues would cover and I agree... some of the choreography should be kept behind closed doors and no... I never did that kind of dancing (more Arthur Murray, less Lambada), BUT (hey... it's my blog and I'll hurl some buts if I want to) ... I really like this show!

I enjoy seeing these "celebrities" (mostly unknowns to me; I think I could identify 4 of the contestants from this season and that was only because you can't live in Dallas and not know who Mark Cuban is) from all different backgrounds find out that it. is. hard! It is so much fun to see who will become a performer and which performers can't dance. I like seeing if I can guess how the judges will score the dances...did I see what they saw? Not like I am an expert, but I had enough training to tell good from bad. (Wayne Newton was baaaaddd!)

So there. My guilty pleasure. Just so you know. I won't turn it on while the kids are around because of the tissue trouble. I watch it online and enjoy it alone. I don't even inflict it on Husband. Wouldn't want him to feel any pressure to put on some boogie shoes although he does look mighty fine in a tux!

Now I know Danielle Bean was hooked on Lost and Elizabeth watches Monday Night Football though she claims its just to see her hubby. (Sure it is!: )

Are you brave enough to admit your guilty pleasure?


  1. I don't watch any shows regularly, except sports. If I am home and able to though, I love to watch What Not to Wear. It is such a superficial show, but I love the clothes and shoes.

    Who is Elizabeth's husband? Is he on the air or behind the scenes? I looked at her page but couldn't figure it out and now I'm way too curious. I watch ESPN a lot. :)

  2. Just an occasional DVD. I have seen the Dancing program in the past though, and I admit it is fun. Can't seem to catch any programs when I have time, so I just gave up.

  3. We are "Lost" junkies over here... can't believe we have to wait until FEBRUARY!?!


  4. Dancing with the Stars (Wayne was terrible), Football (Go Cowboys, down with NE), Mav's Basketball (DEVOTED!), The Office.

  5. I looove Dancing With the Stars. It's the only show I watch and it's so much fun to see all the dancing. But yes, they could have more modest costumes, couldn't they?

    Oh, and when I was in a "babymoon" period glued to the couch nursing a newborn, I watched "Runway Moms" on Discovery Health Channel. A health show? Yeah, right. It was about models having babies.

    Well, I better get out of here before I admit anymore!

  6. 24--that's what dh and I confess to watching...we caught up on five seasons in a little over a was so much fun. Now, we have to wait with the rest of America for the new season in January! Waaaah....

  7. Blogging. ...It takes a lot of time, but I really enjoy it. :)

  8. Nicole, I think Elizabeth's husband is behind the camera.

    If I weren't able to watch the show online, I probably wouldn't.

    I love finding something that both you and hubby can enjoy. We use to watch Veronica Mars together but it was canceled. (My high school journalism teacher was the show's creator.)

  9. If we can ever find a moment on Tuesday evenings, my husband and I really like "The Biggest Loser." It's actually quite inspiring. And since I'm still trying to lose baby weight, I think they should have a show called, "The Biggest Post-Partum Loser." I would sign up!

  10. I blogged it... but CSI and Mystery.
    We do however ALL watch Star Trek TOS... ;)

  11. We have been watching K-Ville lately, along with Caveman, Carpoolers, Back to You, and Til Death. Not very wholesome shows, definatly not for kids, but fun nontheless.

  12. Last night, we switched back and forth between baseball and The Office . I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard for so long (ath The Office, not baseball). I think I'm hooked.
    And my husband is in the truck at MNF, Nicole. He's a producer/director for Around The Horn and Pardon the Interruption in DC and on the road.

  13. Matilda, I've taken up the challenge and named my guilty pleasure.

  14. We don't have a tv but I'm sitting here past my bedtime reading your blog! It's a fine pleasure.;-)

  15. But Kimberlee, does it make you feel guilty to read Matilda's blog? My guilty pleasure is listed in my blog (click on my name above to see what it is). Thanks Matilda. This was fun!


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