Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Phoning it in

Confession time... my heart's just not in it right now. It might have something to do with the fact that we have a little virus working its way through our house. Nothing terrible, just annoying. My anxiety level has been at an increased level and I'm not sure why. Do I have stress in my life? Who doesn't? But this came from out of the blue and hit hard.

About the only thing I have to offer right now is that due to a glitch in my Blockbuster online Q management (and not my fascination, promise!), I can say with absolute certainty that Zelah Clarke is my favorite Jane Eyre. My apologies to Samantha Morton and Charlotte Gainsbourg but they just can't compare! While Gainsbourg came closest to rivaling Clarke, William Hurt lived up to his name in the role of Mr. Rochester (painful!). And as much as I loved Ciaran Hinds in Persuasion where he makes a perfect Captain Wentworth and matches Amanda Root glance for glance and restrained emotion for emotion, his Rochester was more crazed than tortured. So there you go.

Maybe I should try a few other versions before declaring Clarke & Dalton my favorites. Orson Welles deserves a glance just on reputation alone and this Masterpiece Theater version intrigues me too.


  1. Love the beanies and the biscotti...
    and just wanted to say that I'm with you on the stress thing. We have RSV, colds, and sinus infections working there way around here. It can wear you down- even if I'm the only one that hasn't been actually ill!
    I'll have to check out those movies.

  2. Hang in there my dear. We have something going through our house too. You're in my prayers. Keep in mind that there's no need to try to judge the depths of the sea during a storm.

    ..."Just keep swimming." (That was a Finding Nemo quote, btw, and not a church father. LOL!)

    Thanks for the email and offer to help with the dolls. I'll try to give you a call soon.

  3. I loved the actress who played Jane in the Masterpiece Theater edition, but I didn't like the movie too much. It had some stuff I don't like (a ouija board and overly passionate scenes between Jane and Mr. Rochester). All in all, maybe worth seeing once, but I wouldn't want to keep it around. Actually, someone gave it to me and I donated it to the library after watching it. They were so close, but they just went a little overboard.


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