Friday, November 16, 2007

Jesse Tree Swap

I know I said I wasn't ready for Advent, but that doesn't mean I am totally and completely unprepared. We are participating in a Jesse Tree Craft Swap that this amazing mama offered to organize. It was such a fun idea. You get 28 people to agree to play and everyone is assigned an ornament from the list. Then you make 28 of your ornament, send them off the Washington, DC (well they don't have to go to Washington, but that's where mine are going) and voila... you get a complete Jesse Tree in return. You can download more information from the National Catholic Register.
We were assigned the fiery furnace and if you don't know the Bible story, just think Rack, Shack and Benny. I tossed around some ideas and looked at different materials, but I kept coming back to the one pictured in the magazine. I really liked the look of it so I attempted a replica. I scored craft foam to look like bricks, cut out the shape I wanted and glued a piece of vellum printed with flames on the back. Then I glued some mulch on the front for a little decoration. They are pretty light weight and really cool when you hold them up the light. They might be on the big side (3 1/2 inches) but the materials are very light and well, I just couldn't make a smaller fiery furnace without the fire looking mottled. These will get mailed off today as soon as I get the rest of the ribbon hangers tied and then box them up. I can't wait to see what the other moms make especially after getting a sneak peak from Mary G..

We have done a felt Jesse Tree for many years now and I was telling Husband last year that I should make some new symbols just to shake it up a little. This is even better! Thanks Lorri!


  1. You did a great job, Matilda. You're one of the ladies I place on a creativity pedestal! :)

  2. Thank you Kristen. I guess we all have our own pedestals. I was talking about this with Margaret yesterday. I don't consider myself a truly creative person because most of my ideas don't come from my own head. I am a good replicator, but the truly creative in my mind, are the people who can create from nothing. Those people who can look at a blank canvas and start drawing the sunset or who can look at a block of marble and see the figure within. I think of myself as a capable crafter which you have proven yourself to be too. I saw those Pom Pom Toms! You gals did a great job on those!

  3. Matilda! Those are gorgeous! I thought at first you'd used sculpey as the "bricks" look so sturdy and tough! I love the foam idea ... excellent ....

    Can't wait to get mine!!!!!

  4. Mary G.,
    I thought about sculpey but not being that experienced with it, I didn't know how I would attach the vellum paper to it. I need to play with it more to figure out all of it's fun properties.

  5. They do look amazing, Matilda.

  6. May I please whine? I wish I were playing. Felt is looking boring all of a sudden...

  7. Elizabeth,
    My kids loved the felt one we have used in years past. I was the one who got bored with the same old stories. I am sure your kiddos will love your felt one too. And who knows, maybe some of your fairies and gnomes will get busy making some fun things for you. Have you tried setting out materials at night or does that only work for elves and shoemakers?

  8. Are there updated posts on the completed Jesse Tree? This is so cool! :)

  9. Josette,

    Lori is the lady who organized our swap. You can see all of the finished ornaments at her blog:

    The Mac and Cheese Chronicles~Jesse Tree Ornaments


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