Thursday, November 8, 2007

Looking for Wisdom

Random comments from religion class:

I can't believe I missed Isaiah! Now I have to go back and find Wisdom.

Is Ecclesiatics anything like enthusiastics?

I never knew Numbers were in the Bible!

Later that evening, Husband tries to make a point about the early Hebrews: What if you made a paper doll. You drew her arms and colored her hair and you cut her out all by yourself. And then you breathed on her and she could suddenly walk and talk and run around... and then... she starts worshiping scissors.


  1. That was hysterical! Thanks for sharing those.

  2. Great! I loved the paper doll analogy!!

  3. So are these your kids or are they in a class your husband teaches? I'm thinking they are probably your kids...right? I've been known to OFTEN miss the painfully obvious.

    And yes, that analogy is a great one.

    PS. I love the book of Wisdom. Just so you know.

  4. Margaret,
    I can see the confusion that I caused by referring to it as "religion class".

    Your assumption is correct. They all just happened to be doing their religion work at the same time and these little gems came popping up as they were trying to find some Bible verses.

  5. Cute! And I loved your husband's analogy.


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