Monday, November 19, 2007

Security to aisle 9, please!

To the nice lady carrying the display of Celestial Seasonings Holiday Teas in order to add said display to the assortment of everyday teas in the local grocery store:

Thank you so much for not calling security when you were accosted by a crazy lady doped up on frustration and panic resulting from maneuvering through hoards of other shoppers who had all conspired to take the last cans of cream of celery soup, fried onions and salsa seconds before she arrived. I assure you she was not dangerous, just very excited and probably a little hormonal but you didn't need to know that just like you didn't need to know how long she had been searching for the treasure you carried in you arms or which ones she thought her kids would like best and which one she was most interested in tasting. She also wishes to express her gratitude for letting her choose from your stash while you stood there never once resting your heavy load instead of making her follow you all the way across the store even if you only did it because you feared for your personal safety.

I am sure she appreciated it. (BTW... Candy Cane Lane is yummy!) Oh, one more thing.

To the nice lady restocking the canned soup aisle....


  1. LOL! They are worth it though, aren't they?

  2. Candy Cane Lane!! My favorite holiday tea! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Now see, I knocked over the lady in front of the courtesy desk, but only because she was standing in between me & the cake decorations that had been forgotten IN MY HASTE yesterday morning at the cash register and yet ARE CRUCIAL to the the success of my daughters' birthdays--that's DAUGHTERS, mind you, in the PLURAL--on Wednesday & Thursday.

    I'm okay now. A little cap-happy, but otherwise fine.


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