Sunday, December 2, 2007

Advent is here!

I have been anticipating this season of anticipation more this year than any other. I really felt like I was waiting for that liturgical gunshot to signal the start although, a race is not exactly the image I want to connect with this lovely season. Anyway, first things first... the wreath!

I remember reading Suzanne's post about how their advent wreath came to be last year and was so inspired, it lasted 12 months long. I love to craft and I enjoy crafts, but I often enjoy them so much, I don't let my children do as much as they could either because I have an overriding idea of how it should look or... I'm just having too much fun. I have been battling this little problem as often as I can and thought this was the perfect opportunity to put on my gloves and go another round. We went to the craft store and I let the children pick the decorations along with a handful of greenery to fill in the green foam wreath that we used as our base.The Professor thought the gingerbread guy looked fun. Sunshine chose the candy clusters. Shortcake, in her love for all little critters great and small, chose the golden bird and BigBoy liked everything but settled on the apples and purple glitter balls.
Here is the finished product. Probably a bit busier than what I would have chosen, but that was the point and I love it. (ding,ding,ding) As you can kind of see, it is hanging over the half wall that separates the kitchen from the eat-in area. Does anybody else hang their wreath? My MIL had the first hanging wreath I ever saw and I believe Maria Von Trapp writes about this tradition in one of her books. It works to keep the flames away from little fingers, but should it ever become too much of a fascination or turned into a dolly swing, I would probably just set it on the table.

Do you have a unique way of displaying your wreath or a unique Advent wreath idea? I'm taking notes for next year!

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  1. It looks great! Wishing you a peaceful Advent season.

  2. Matilda, that wreath's close up shot is magnificant! I really love the ribbons going up above as it does. Is it tied to anything in particular?

    Our 'unique way' of displaying the wreath is sitting it on the Lazy Susan we always have on our table, but between you and me...the first night lighting the candle got a 'little' chaotic, with children using the Lazy Susan's function to full effect. (In other words, "I want the lit candle in front of me!")

  3. I love that you had the children choose the embellishments. Have a beautiful Advent, Matilda.

  4. And a wonderful Advent to all of you dear friends!!! I look forward to sharing this lovely season with you!

    The two ribbons that form a cross shape on the underside of the plate (just an old plastic serving plate with four holes drilled through) are tied at the top and the whole thing is suspended from a white hook in the ceiling. The kind you might use for a hanging plant.

  5. ...oh, and I can imagine my kids taking full advantage of a spinning wreath if they were given the chance! Your wreath is stunning by the way!

  6. It's heavenly, and so creative, I love it! Happy Advent! Love,

  7. Your wreath looks great! I never thought about decorating one like that.

  8. I love that your kids have "ownership" of their Advent wreath! We like to put a statue in the middle of our wreath. Sometimes the Blessed Mother, this year the Child Jesus. Pictured it on my blog. (Necessitates not hanging it, though...)


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