Monday, December 3, 2007

Inspiration and Celebration

**UPDATED for Lydia**

Kimberlee's blog and her family are one of the many places I find inspiration out here on this world wide web. They are so full of joy, hope and tons of creativity! Recently she showed us some of her crocheted creations, but little did she know that I had already been inspired by her daughters who create little critters and fuzzy yummies just like their mom, also without use of any pattern, straight from their own imagination! Kimberlee mentioned to me the need for instant gratification from her craft making; being a busy mom of seven means not much time for long term projects but these little delights take minimal time commitment and get maximum results.

Since I only saw my grandma crochet blankets, that is what I crocheted. She was known to make doll dresses and hats too but that was before I came along. So needing a quick crochet fix, I tried my hand at some of these delicious projects. Here are the things I have been working on although I made use of the many online patterns available to more visually dependent people like me. I started with a simple fried egg and was hooked.
BreakfastThis breakfast set is going to accompany the quiltie I made for my godson. I used the cotton that Kimberlee mentions so that he wouldn't get a mouth full of fuzz should he try to take a bite out of anything. Can you tell what they are? How about a piece of toast, a fried egg, 2 pieces of bacon and a chocolate chip muffin. Sounds good to me!
Cream PuffThis was actually my first attempt at anything fancy. It was supposed to be a strawberry shortcake, but my strawberry morphed into a giant cherry so I am calling it a cream puff. I also made a cupcake which is MIA right now.
BLT Anyone?Well, once I had made a few things following a pattern, I kind of got the hang of it and ventured out on my own. What do you think? Can you tell what this is? Put your mouse on the picture and it will be revealed.
Broccoluce But in the interest of full disclosure, let me introduce you to my first attempt without a net before it is swept away to the Island of Misfit Toys. The kids said it looked like broccoli which would have been great if I had been trying to make broccoli. I was shooting for some lettuce, maybe romaine. Not broccoli.
***Note to Kimberlee: Lydia is right!

Last, but not least, to my dearest friend who is celebrating a birthday today... this one is for you!
Happy Birthday!
I hope you have a great day!


  1. I have to tell you, I was reading this on Google Reader and wasn't entirely sure who I clicked on - I thought it was one of the fabulous craft blogs out there! These are so super cute. Amazing.

  2. These are so amazing and fun! Who'd 've thought playfood could be crocheted? I love it!!

  3. Wow! I love it! Everything looks so yummy! Your BLT is awesome and so is your breakfast. And that cuppycake is too cute! My tomato came out so bad Lydia said she was going to turn it into a jellyfish, and she said I should just make a salad with all of the lettuce rejects, lol.

  4. So, so, so, so cute!

    I said I'd never crochet, but I may have to eat my words.

  5. Very cute! I never would have thought there were yarns out there in colors conducive to food. I guess I've been doing baby booties for too long!

  6. Those are adorable!!!! I LOVE the BLT! Cute!

  7. They look good enough to eat!! Wonderful!

  8. Sigh. Not only do I NOT crochet, but I couldn't post the photos if I DID.

    I'm still sad that Blogger won't let me upload.

    Enough sour grapes, though. These little dainties are delightful.

  9. I don't much care for crochet -- too many granny squares in my past -- but these are beautiful .... what fun for kids and their pretend picnics! I love these -- very nice.

  10. Great salad! It's 1-2-3-4-5 a day, crocheting in a healthy way!

  11. My kind of calories, I tell ya!

    They look super!

  12. You did a great job. I was admiring Kimberlee's creations last week.


  13. WOW! I admire your skill!

    I am left handed and no one seems to be able to teach me how to crochet or knit....too bad, that along with sewing are the skills I would really like to have. What a blessing if you are talented at that!


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