Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Toffee Meringue Gingerbread

Danielle Bean is mean.

When she posts something like this and says "let me know if you try it first" she should realize that some people might take that as an order (or a challenge). Maybe not everyone, maybe just those people who have a(n) obsession fondness for cakes. Not that I know anyone like that...I'm just sayin'.

This is the only cake I have ever made with a meringue topping. The first time, I followed Betty's instructions but the meringue fell as the cake cooled. The second time, I let the cake cool completely in the springform pan and then followed the recipe for the meringue. I toasted it for about 10 minutes but it could have gone a little longer.
I have to tell you that it was an awesome flavor combination. The toffee, chocolate and gingerbread really complimented each other well. I can recommend it only with one reservation... tell your kids what it is before they bite into it. Nobody likes gingerbread when they're expecting chocolate cake.


  1. The cake looks and sounds delicious. Gingerbread is my absolute favorite kind of cake. I don't think I will ever be able to make it though because my husband doesn't like toffee or gingerbread so I would be stuck with eating the whole think myself.

    You are so right about people not liking gingerbread when they expect chocolate. I once made a gingerbread cake to take to a potluck. I tried to tell people that it was gingerbread, but I missed a couple people and they both only ate one bite. The people I did tell decided they didn't want any, so I brought back almost the whole cake. :(

  2. Oh Helene. I'll bet they missed out on a fabulous cake!!


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