Friday, December 28, 2007

Feet first

I feel so silly right now. Maybe a little shy? I haven't even thought about blogging for soooooo long (um...since Monday) that it is a little hard to get back into it. Is that just me?

Well, what to do? What to say? Did anybody else have raw sewage spilling out of their house the day before company was supposed to arrive? No? Well, did you wish your pediatrician Merry Christmas on Christmas Day? Anybody? anybody?

Last Friday, the day that we were supposed to present both crafts for our Blue Knights/ Little Flowers group (no, I am not such a glutton for punishment that I signed up for's a story for another time) we heard a strange burbling sound coming from the toilets. Never a good sign. Then the smell started. I noticed that two of my toilets were leaking water from the bottom, not the top. Then we found the water in the shower and the master bath which is sometimes used as a holding tank for Christmas presents since we are primarily shower people and the kids don't come into our bathroom too often. Thank goodness all it had were empty boxes waiting to be thrown away (which they were!!!). The cavalry plumbers arrived in 30 minutes but by that time, Husband had come home and popped the cap on our overflow trap. So now, raw sewage was only trickling out of my toilets, draining from my shower and tub, but running out the front of my house into the front yard. Fun!

So the nice men in the white van cleared out the blockage in the main line and replaced the wax seals on all of our toilets (they had blown which was why the toilets were leaking) for a nice tidy sum. Then I proceeded to scrub my whole house with bleach because sewage is nasty and did I mention that my dad and his wife were coming to visit on Saturday? I was going to clean the bathrooms anyway, but I hadn't counted on needing to put on a haz-mat suit to do it. And washing and sterilizing every towel in the house hadn't been in my plans but...oh well!

So, where does the pediatrician come in? Well, he is totally unrelated to the sewage incident. Trust me... I checked! Sunshine had a horrible, itchy blotchy red rash all over her little legs on Christmas Eve. We gave her some Benadryl which made her sleepy throughout morning Mass on Christmas Day. (We took her to Mass only because she had no other symptoms and cried when we told her she might not go. We covered her legs with thick, blackt ights so the rash couldn't come into contact with anyone else.) We called the doc when we got home and he called us right back saying he wanted to see her first thing Wednesday morning. In the meantime, she took some of The Professor's hive medication which is like Benadryl without the drowsiness. So she was actually awake when we opened presents instead of passed out on the couch. Yeah!

Doc wanted to see her ASAP because based on my description of her bumps, he thought it might have been HSP (only he used the real name). He didn't think it was necessary to go sit in the ER on Christmas Day but wanted to see them for himself to determine if he needed to do blood tests and kidney checks. OK... I was spooked. I asked him to spell the condition for me. He said, "No because you will go look it up on the internet and scare yourself." (He's good.) He called back 5 minutes later and said, "I'm sorry. That was mean. Do you have a pencil?" Yes, I wrote it down, but Husband took the paper away from me. (He's good!) He said based on the pictures he saw, he didn't think it was that. Doc agreed the next day. Whew!

So other than raw sewage and scary medical conditions, our Christmas was great! Quiet, private, relaxed. No expectations. Just our family having fun!

I am sure more things to will come to my mind later but I feel as though this is already longer than I wanted it to be. That's what I get for trying to jump start my blogging engine. Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. Oh, yikes! Glad to hear that it turned out okay anyway!

  2. I would confess to a similar holiday, but I'm too humiliated to recount the details. I hope 2008 begins a bit better for you. :)

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  4. This is why we blog, of course. It's the only way that surviving stories like these is bearable!

    Glad to see you still got your sense of humor, though. That's what I like about you! (Cue music from the Romantics...)

  5. PS. That last comment was being, being AR about a typo...

  6. Never a dull moment, eh? I'm glad it all turned out well, though. Merry Season.

  7. I hope you are enjoying the season without any further mishaps or non-hsps! Merry Christmas!


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