Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Keeping it real!

Contents of my desk at the end of the day yesterday:
  • everything that was on it at the start of the day, plus...
  • magazines to store away for cut and paste collages (I like to keep an assortment of magazines on hand, but as of late, it had grown to ginormous (it's a word) proportions. This is what I have pared down to.)
  • tissue paper left over from packing away Christmas decorations (I told you...we have been sick!)
  • extra pictures to find a home for
  • headphones and some MacGyver DVDs that I am previewing. I loved that show when I was younger and I think The Professor would really enjoy it but we like to preview for scenes of peril and other stuff.
  • extra fabric from the Christmas box to get put into the scrap fabric box
  • a neck massager
  • a bug keeper sans any little critters because Shortcake always has her eyes peeled for ladybugs and with the weather as warm as it has been she just might find that wish granted
So there you have it. I don't consider myself a good organizer, maybe a good containerizer (that one I made up!). I can sort and containerize to make things look nice, but I fail miserably when it comes to creating a system to keep things looking nice and tidy. I try to be honest about my successes and my failures. Remember my dirty boudoir? Thanks for your kind words anyway!


  1. i cracked up to see a macgyver dvd on your desk! i bought 4 seasons and we have been watching them with my kiddos. i passed the torch! i don't think i realized how much they shaped me as a kid.

  2. Where's the neck massager? I don't see the neck massager. Can I have a neck massager? A neck massager ON the desk sounds like a very good idea.

    And I *love* the word containerizer.


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