Monday, January 14, 2008

My desk

Jennifer decided not to stop at nightstands and obliged Nina's request for a peek at her desk. So this weeks spontaneous carnival of functional furniture is all about desks. Men approach these things so different than us women. I looked at Jen's desk and said, "Ooooh. I like her clock. What a good idea to put one there!" Husband looked at it and said, "She's got a Mac."
So, here is my desk and, just so you know, we are Mac users too. The big black screen on the desk is powered by the laptop underneath. Everything else is pretty self explanatory. You thought I was kidding about the John Deere Page-a-Day, didn't you? My household notebook (a work in progress) sits on the corner. Behind it, on the wall is Sunshine's magnetic calendar with a saint magnet for every day thanks to Jessica's lovely idea. We use to have the same kind of calendar that Jesica's family uses, but we moved to a larger one that I painted a pretty color. Now the girls have plenty of room to put the saint of the day, any other special magnets and for mom to make notes. The two drawers underneath hold all of the calendar accessories and look nice too. Some prayer books are buffeted by the utensil cup with the paperless paper holder next to it. What can I's new and pretty and I want to leave it that way for a while.
That's about all. While I was sitting here, I had an epiphany (courtesy of BigBoy). My clip board is calling to me and I really should listen. :)


  1. You look so neat and organized. You can tell your husband I do have a Mac - and the credit card bill that came along with it. :(
    And hey, when we were all talking Mac software at 4Real, where were you? We NEED you! None of us know what we are doing!

  2. That's so funny! I noticed the Mac first, since I miss mine so much :(

    Your desk is so neat and tidy! I love what you have done with your calendar... It would be so nice to have the larger squares! What a great idea! I also love your little drawers, your so organized!

    Thanks for letting us have a peek!


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