Sunday, January 13, 2008

Spontaneous Carnival Craziness

So Jennifer started this little carnival of nightstands and I thought I would jump in except for the fact that I don't have a nightstand. When we purchased our bed, I loved it so much that I couldn't imagine muddying the image of it in my mind with nightstands (not to mention the fact that we decided to spend the extra money on a much needed dresser). So I found these decorative shelf brackets at Target along with the shelves which I painted matte black and put one on either side of our beautiful bed and viola... we have nightstands.
Floating nightstands. The only problem with floating nightstands is that they don't hold all of the things I like to keep by my bedside so these two baskets were called in to assist. (I totally tidied them up before taking this picture. Just keepin' it real!) On the shelf is my cell phone which doubles as a back-up alarm, a touch lamp with a soft amber shade, the Magnificat from January 2007 because of the lovely Litany of Consolation written by Fr. John Peter Cameron, OP and a weather radio because we live in Texas and I like to know what natural disasters are headed my way when I can.

In the smaller basket are some crochet supplies for when the urge strikes but the larger basket will take a bit more unpacking:And that, my friends, is more information about my nightstand (sans stand) than you ever wanted to know. I am off to go figure out how to record Persuasion tonight. This cast will be hard to measure up against in my book. Good evening to you all!

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  1. The weather radio is a great idea. I need one of those. Enjoy your nightly programming.


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