Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lenten Ideas

Last year I did a few posts on our Lenten preparations but since this year Lent is upon us earlier than it has been since 1913, I don't really have time to blog about our preparations and actually do them. So I am going to link to all of my older posts and leave them here for you. If I get a chance before Ash Wednesday, I will update what is different for this year (not too much) and any ideas that I find elsewhere.

Making Preparations
Part 2
Part 3
Mid-Lent Review (because I like to "keep it real" and let you know how my plans have fared for better or worse)

Right now, I am off to find my keys and get to the fabric store to make some simple winter skirts for the girls because (oh my goodness!) it actually feels like winter here but to look at the store racks you would think it was 90 degrees outside! I know it might be 90 degrees tomorrow, but then it will just get cold again and my sweet little missies are tired of sweats! I love that about them. They do have some winter dresses, but have expressed a preference for skirts and tops that they can mix and match. Quite the little fashion mavens aren't they! They are growing up so fast! :( I am hoping I can talk them into a sweet little pettiblouse and jumper for Easter!


  1. I hate that counter-seasonal thing in stores! If you play it right, though and hit the sales and buy a size or so bigger, you can get ahead! Looking forward to perusing your Lenten preparation posts! It's coming up really fast!PS: Something waiting for you over at my blog...

  2. Wow, thanks for the heads-up. I had no idea Lent was coming up so soon. I've been so focused on preparing for the arrival of the baby, I haven't given a single thought to Lenten preparation.

  3. Whatever you decide to sew for your little ones, do share!


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