Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Saint Valentine's Day...

After setting up all of this, the last thing you want to hear is "Mom, I don't feel so good." The Professor is sick in bed with a fever, headache and an upset tummy. Please don't let this be a stomach flu! He was in such good spirits last night making valentines for his sisters and brother (and this from a boy who can't stand anything lovey, dovey). I was so proud of him for not just being a good sport but actually joining in!

These are the cards that we made for the kids. I chose the design last night after Husband had already braved the lines at the jewelry store to pick up this sweet little charm that I knew nothing about it until this morning. I lost my charm bracelet about 2 years ago along with all of the beautiful charms he and the children had picked out for me. :( He has slowly been replacing the old ones, but this one is new. Two minds, one thought!

And here is my valentine to all of you sweet friends, known and unknown...
Yes, those are my crooked fingers traced just for you and my gift to you all today is this prayer offered for your families. It is the prayer we say every year for our own children.

Heavenly Father, we ask You to guide our children in the choice of spouse.
Don't let them be carried away by false charms or be fascinated by mere outward glamour, but guide their minds to look beneath and beyond all external attractiveness for the deeper things which alone are worth while.
And especially let the choice be of one who is a fervent Christian,
true in thought and word and deed to those ideals
which are Yours especially the value of their purity.
Dear Father of us all, give Your guiding help to our children,
who are Your children too. We'll be letting them go soon,
but please, don't ever let our children go from You. Amen.
St. Valentine, patron of romantic love, pray for us!
Have a La-la-la-la-lovely day!


  1. What a beautiful prayer for today!! I printed it out, and we will say it later.

    Your celebration looks fun and the cards you made are darling!! You know, I think we have the very same china dishes!

    I hope the Professor is better soon! One of mine came down with a high fever yesterday afternoon, but after a couple hours he was back to normal. I hope it will be the same for him as well!

    Happy feast of Saints Cyril and Methodius! And, Happy Saint Valentine's Day, too!

  2. You have to love anything in that JA box. Happy Valentine's Day to the Waltzing Matilda family!

  3. Jessica,
    Stoneleigh by Noritake?

    You are such a sweetheart!

    Amen! It makes gift giving so easy on the guys! Reasonable prices, beautifully classic designs, tons of choices and...they wrap it up for you!!!! What's not to love? Happy Valentines day to you and your little sweetie pies!

  4. OH, this is an awesome prayer!! Thanks! And happy belated St. Valentine's!

  5. I agree with Jennifer, gotta love JA!

  6. That was a lovely Valentine. I am just getting to visit blogs today (since about Wednesday), but it was just as lovely today as Thursday. Have a great weekend, M!


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