Monday, April 2, 2007

A Rose for You

For you, dear Papa!
It was so hard to let you go.
Please come in and remain with us
While we hope to see your smile again.
Allow me to enter your homes; yes, you want to have the Pope as your guest and friend, and to give him the consolation of seeing in your homes the union and the family love which gives rest, after a hard day's work.

It shows me, dear children, that you are preparing seriously for the future; I repeat to you, you are the hope of the Pope.

Do not deny me the joy of seeing you walk along paths that lead you to be real followers of good, and friends of Christ. Do not deny me the joy of your sense of responsibility in studies, activities and amusements. You are called to be bearers of generosity and honesty, to fight against immorality, to prepare a more just, healthier and happier world.
~ John Paul II, from a speech given to 100,000 families in Guadalajara, Mexico


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