Sunday, April 20, 2008

Can I live?

What a courageous man. He must have gotten that from his mother.

I had to pass this along! Please share it gently. You never know who might be dealing with the "sickness of mourning" stemming from a decision that they once made or one that was made for them.

From rosetta stone and decrease to increase


  1. I saw this a while back and thought the same thing. It's a great video.

  2. Amazing video. thanks for sharing it!

  3. This was me 21 years ago. My son is now the joy and pride of my life. I was BLESSED to not cave into pressure.

    Poor world to have missed so many like my boy. Poor mamas who don't understand until it's too late.

  4. Thank you for your comments, Anonymous! Thank you for your courage!!! Please pray for those who weren't as strong or, like I said before, weren't given a choice and who still grieve today wishing they had been strong enough to protect their child!

  5. What a beautiful video! What a wonderful message! And like Matilda said... thanks for your courage, and know that there are legions praying for your choice of life and for those weren't as strong!


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