Monday, April 21, 2008

Garden of the Good Shepherd Week 5

Life has hit us smack in the face this week and I realized that we have so much to do, I will have to bail out of "special activities" again. We do have a few planned, but they don't really have much to do with the stickers or meditations for this week. So, if you are looking for some fun ways to celebrate each day as we journey on toward Pentecost, hop on over to Jessica's place for inspiration galore! Have fun while I sit here and figure our how I am going to feed these hungry munchkins without a kitchen for about a week while we have our ceiling repaired. And I thought having no hot water was bad! (Wow, that sounded a little passive aggressive. I really mean it though! Go have FUN! I'm not complaining. I am glad to get this work done as soon as it can be!)

Have a great day... we just might go get lost at the library for a few hours! I have found it to be a great place to avoid reality!


  1. Oh, Matilda...I pray it gets better for you soon! I can relate, I know you said it is your ceiling now....but I sure can relate to the hot water heater! We went a whole month last year without hot water and the whole year with out heat! (gas was shut off due to a tiny leak in our yard)
    Times can make you tough...or make you loose your hair at least! Sorry you are having it rough...I will be thinking of you guys!

  2. Oh! That will be so hard without a kitchen!! Hopefully your weather is better than ours, so you can at least use the BBQ... We will say a few extra prayers for you guys, that your week goes as smoothly as possible! :)

    And I think heading to the library is a wonderful idea!!!

  3. We went to the lake today... I should've called you!



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