Wednesday, April 23, 2008

On our way...

To celebrate St. George's Day!
We have a dragon to slay and some friends with whom we want to play.
Sorry about all the "A's". I really have nothing more to say!
(Couldn't resist!)


  1. Can't wait until you get here!

  2. OMGsh! That is one incredible cake! I'm wondering how he's constructed?

  3. I LOVE IT!! Thanks again for teaching us all to make him... Though, their is no competing with you on this, you are SO TALENTED!!!

    Oh, and my kids thank you too! :)

  4. That is incredible! A work of art. I too am wondering how you made that?

  5. Yes, I 2nd Jessica, thank you so much for teaching us all to make this fun cake!! It was fun to see all the similar but different dragon cakes today!!

    Yours looks great!!
    Aren't all our kids blessed?

  6. I forgot to say, I love how you made the frosting look like scales!

  7. Oh, simply brilliant Matilda! Your lucky children!


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