Thursday, April 17, 2008

Speaking of Papal inspired food...

Fr. Leo has another idea for celebrating the Holy Father's visit to our country...

Buffalo Mozzarella – a Papal Favorite!

I read an interesting food article about our Holy Father’s culinary preferences. He obviously has good taste because the Pope really enjoys buffalo mozzarella cheese. The texture of this cheese, especially if it’s fresh, is so silky smooth that it is perfect for salads, pizza, or just eating whole on its own. I’m sure you know how to make Caprese Salad, but this week, you may want to consider making it for your family as a great way to bring up the topic of the Holy Father with your family. You can present this beautiful dish to your family and say, “Did you know that the Pope loves this type of cheese?” Then, you can ask your children, your spouse – and don’t forget to ask yourself – dinner questions, such as: “Why do you think the Pope is important to the Church?” “If you were Pope, how much time do you think you would devote to prayer?” “Do you ever pray for the Pope?” So, go ahead and try this typical Italian salad, most enjoyed in the spring and summer season, and enjoy the conversations that can come from it! While you’re at it, toast the Pope with BOGO’s fine Pinot Grigot – an excellent wine pairing for an excellent Papal recipe tribute! For the recipe, [click here].

From Fr. Leo's Grace Before Meals Newsletter


  1. I love Caprese! And Buffalo Mozzarella! What a great idea..

  2. I just love Fr. Leo and his recipes. Regular subscriber to his blog and email blast here!


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