Thursday, May 1, 2008

Click away!

Since home improvement projects have banished me to one corner of my house, our Ascension Thursday/May Day/St. Joseph the Worker Day plans are non-existent this year. With the exception of a fabulous fluffy cloud dessert (sans strawberry topping) that I whipped up in my powder room and is now chillin' in my freezer. My life is so fun!

I am pretty pleased about one thing... on the anxiety front, I seem to be making some headway. You might not remember last year, but I sure do and I am pleased to say that that particular voice has taken an extended vacation back to the darkest regions of my brain; so far away that I can't really hear it; the continuous whirring of the shop vac in the other room helps too.

Since I have no plans to offer for right now, I will point you towards what we ended up doing last year. Some of you weren't hanging around here then and those posts might spark an idea or two for those of you who's house isn't recovering from a minor facelift.

Here they are:
May Crowning- Preparations

May Crowning

To all the Worker Bees
Enjoy this day, friends!


  1. I hope your life gets back to normal soon! Isn't it amazing how under appreciated everyday things are when everything is going fine?

    When I click on your dessert link in Google Reader I get a link to a blog with no picture, but here on your site there is a link to a Kraft page. Did you change the link, or is Google Reader going crazy?

  2. I changed the link to the site that had a picture since I can't offer a picture of mine yet. Google Reader usually picks up changes, but it might take it awhile.

  3. Oh, Matilda! I did miss the festivities last year and am so glad you linked them! And that cake! Oh, my goodness! Thanks for all the inspiration! And sending thoughts of patience and perserverance for the dust zone. (We sympathize...)


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