Wednesday, April 30, 2008

E.T.... phone...Dominos

Actually, this is a good sign. It means that the holes are fixed and the ceiling man comes tomorrow to shoot the texture and then I get my kitchen back! Yeah!!!! No more living like this...


  1. Poor Matilda. I really feel for you. When we redid our kitchen years ago I had more than a month of that. Truly horrible. Drink. Much. Wine.

  2. What in the world happened to your kitchen?

  3. To Jennifer in summation,

    We had two disconnected air conditioning vents (aka... holes in my ceiling) patched and filled by the air conditioning company who was responsible for them. One of them was an old register that was disconnected when the new AC unit was put in and the other was from the register that they had to come back and move because it kept blowing out the burners on my gas stovetop.

    In order for those big gaping holes to blend in and not stand out as obvious patch jobs, my husband scraped off the texture on the ceiling and Ceiling Guy is going to blow new texture up there which means that everything that shouldn't get "texturized" has to be covered in plastic sheeting.

    Husband was the one who referenced E.T. when he came home and I thought it fit.

  4. Barb,
    I finished a bottle last night and Husband has instructions to come home with more!


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