Thursday, May 22, 2008


This is the beginning of our super busy back-to-back birthday extravaganza weekend and life has been crazy as usual. We also have our Book Club meeting today and a new washer being delivered hopefully well before everyone shows up so that the smell of rotten eggs emanating from my once so beautiful now covered in dirty clothes laundry room will be out the door along with my old faithful front loader that died suddenly and tragically two days ago. No time to mourn, though. The laundry must go on!


  1. Matilda,

    I am starting to think that you might need to call a priest to exercise your house... there sure have been a ton of things 'breaking' over there!


  2. Matilda:

    We have one of those crazy weekends ahead, as well! Saturday, Emily and Monday Galahad...hope your birthdays are happy ones ;-D

  3. Wow, you seem to have pretty bad luck with smelly things in your house. It is too bad that you washer didn't break until this weekend. This weekend is tax free on major appliances. :(

  4. Believe it or not, we had the house blessed and exorcised a few years ago! We know the priest who did it and he did a VERY thorough job!!! I think at this point it is just a series of unfortunate events!

    If we didn't have company coming, I probably would have gone to a laundromat and waited until Saturday. As it was, the washer was on sale and the store offered 10% off which is better than tax free.

  5. I am sorry Matilda. I DID 'smile at the crazy lady' though. the pic is hilarious. Glad to know others do that random stream of consciousness thing too lol.


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