Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Calling all Nature Nuts

I might be overreacting here, but we have not seen Mr. or Mrs. Mockingbird all day except for this morning when they were watching Husband very closely as he headed to his car. I am hoping that I did not disturb them too much yesterday taking the picture. They wouldn't have abandoned the nest would they? I promise... I didn't touch it. Just moved some limbs aside, pointed the camera, clicked and ran. Do you think everything is OK?

We just saw Mrs. Mockingbird come out of the nest and Mr. Mockingbird swooped down from the tree to greet her. Yeah!!! My guilt is assuaged!


  1. Oh how I wish I could get it together for freezer cooking! Seems so, um...well, simple. Why can't I just do it??? As far as knowing anything about nature...sorry, I'm out. I'm sure they are just off having a little date day---one last hurrah if you you will before those babies get here :)

  2. Staci,
    I could probably get it together long enough to freeze the meals, but I know my problem would be remembering to take them out in time to thaw. I like the two menu rotation we have been doing for the past few months. It works for us!

  3. I love it when birds nest near the house. Thanks for sharing the cool picture.


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