Monday, June 23, 2008

Project Mode

Where, oh where has Matilda gone?
Oh where, oh where can she be?
She is happily scraping and rolling along
Covered in primer and paint but with glee!!!

Husband calls it British Tan but the paint can says Brazilian Tan. Say it with me just like Ricardo Montalban... Brrrrrrazilian!
*Are the paint fumes making you loopy or is it just me?


  1. How exciting for you! I agree with your husband calling it British tan! What brand is that because that looks like the color I'd like to paint our livingroom with which is now Behr's Ripe Wheat. I'm looking for something more neutral to go with my changing tastes and liturgical colors.

  2. You go girl! This is what I should be doing but instead I am frittering away my day. Give me some motivation!

  3. Um, we're going to be painting the classroom this summer and I'd like to know the brand of your paint in addition to its color.

    I'm thinking I need to get me some.

  4. Ladies,

    When it comes to walls, especially great big tall walls, I use Color Place paint from W*mart in either a satin or a flat. (Mostly because I paint at night and the W*mart near us is open 24 hours.) This color is called Brazilian Tan. I have also used some of the Kilz colors and paint and some Behr paint. I really haven't seen a difference. Some people will tell you that W*mart's paint is thinner and so it will take more coats, but I have yet to find a paint that truly covers in one coat and the W*mart paint has never taken me more than two full coats (maybe two coats with a some touch-ups at most). Anyway...those pictures were not the best. I am waiting until the floor is done to take some better ones!!!


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