Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Father's Day Gift Idea

Excuse me for just a minute.

Husband, if you are reading this...STOP!!! You already saw my sewing machine on in the spare room and came home unexpectedly at lunch today. You are making it very hard to keep a secret. So, please... do us a favor and go check your fantasy baseball. OK? Thanks sweetie!


Go on now.

Have fun!

Sorry about that. I really do trust him not to peek. He is such a good sport.

So, Father's Day is this Sunday and I had an idea to share. I will warn you that this is totally an idea for the craftily minded. Yes, I'm making phrases up. Husband, doing his best to contribute to our Local Cooling Crisis (as opposed to the supposed Global Warming Crisis), fired up the grill for the summer season which meant dusting off those trusty tools that no self-respecting Grill Master would be without. The set he has was a gift from his mom and dad many years ago and came in a beautiful canvas pouch that rolled up and was secured with a strap. I am not sure what happened to that pouch, but the tools have long been lying unsheathed and I wanted to do something about that. We love it when Husband grills. He serves up yummy food and keeps us from having to turn on the oven during these scorching months.

So while thinking about these crayon pouches I was struck with the inspiration for this...
It is made out of heavy canvas and has a protective flap at the top to keep the spears and pitchforks protected. Totally necessary with these tools and a totally perfect place for the children to leave their mark...


  1. OH!! I made a knitting needle caddy like that once... what a great idea!! I might have to try that, even though the sewing machine and I are not really very good friends! Hubby really could use that.

  2. OHHH! See...you ARE mom of the year! I don't sew...although it is a goal for this year! So, I'll have to pass on this for this Father's Day...maybe for next year! (I'm trying to THINK positive!) Super cute idea though!

  3. That is so great! If I was "craftily minded" I would be all over that. I'm sure he'll love it.

  4. See, I need to make something for all his computer gadgets and stuff. Hmm.
    That is a great idea

  5. This is awesome, Matilda! Love this idea!

  6. That is a nifty-gifty for sure - very clever. The hand prints are precious!

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  8. good idea...I think I'll do this one once I get "home."


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