Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I wonder what the other school children do with their backpacks during the summer months?

Shortcake calls her Petunia and has been carrying her all over the house. I'm telling myself this is one step up from an imaginary friend.

This is what you find when the four year old dresses himself.

Last, but certainly not least, our first treasures of this summer. These are the books the children chose for completing the Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Program. It didn't take long with kids who love to read. They are just merely trinkets of books compared to the ones they read to earn them but they are very dear to me. Sunshine chose the American Girl story because right now, her imagination revolves around anything having to do with these engaging characters. (Anyone else counting down the days?) Shortcake chose the one on top for BigBoy even though she really wanted to choose Harry and the Bucket Full of Dinosaurs for herself. She said she wanted to earn a book for him when we first picked up the forms. BigBoy loves all things kittenish but wasn't old enough to participate himself. So how did we end up with the one in the middle? The Professor earned that one for her. He read his 8 books (some that he loved and some that he didn't) with the intention of giving his coupon to Shortcake so that she could get the book she wanted.

The cost of these silly little paperbacks: $0

Seeing my children practice voluntary acts of generosity: priceless!


  1. I love the inside out clothing! But wait a minute, I often find this with my *seven* year old and his shirts. Sometimes they are inside out *and* backwards. I guess he is too busy with LEGOS to be bothered with these minor fashion details.

  2. I loved the video of the little girls who won a spot in the new AG movie. They are darling... I can just picture you and I as stage mothers, waiting in line when they cast the next movie. Now that our fair city has an AG store, they are sure to do casting calls there, too. We have to start growing everyone's hair out to look like Josephina.
    Shortcake is a shoe-in!

    Nell wants to let you know that Petunia reminds her of Rosamund, Miebeth's potato-head doll.

  3. Babs,
    I am sure that is where the inspiration came from!


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