Thursday, June 14, 2007

Now... Margaret's the one in... Ohio?

When Husband and I were first married, we had many conversations that began like this. I have a pretty extensive extended family that I was very close to. One aunt would host a week long "summer camp" for all the cousins, every year and most times it fell around my birthday.

Anyway.... when we were engaged and first married, I tried to relate these stories of my youth to Husband about my aunts, uncles, cousins, first, second and thrice removed, grandparents, etc... and the poor guy had to work so hard to keep them straight. Not really his fault, mind you. I have the bad habit of assuming he can read my mind (I knew we should have registered for that crystal ball!) and the added difficulty of having two aunts on either side of the family both called "Jeri".

Well, these past few months, I have felt like a newlywed again. The number of times he has had to ask "...and who is Suzanne again? Where is Barbara from? Is MammaLlama the one you met for coffee at the bookstore or coffee at the coffee shop?" He even complained one day," It's just like learning your relatives all over again!"

I need to think of a way to make it easier on him. A chart? Maybe a diagram? How about a labeled picture book?

Funny though... he seems to know which teams traded what players, who drafted that guy in whatever round and which position they play at the drop of a hat! (I love you sweetie!)

Maybe a cleverly printed "sports page" with all of your pictures and stats:

Name: Margaret in Minnesota
Born: to be a Mom
Height: tiny (but she's got spunk!)
Position: Writer, Humorist
Experience: 2 boys, 3 girls
Bats: 1.000 (a thousand)
Writes: incredibly well!
Team: Minnesota Mom

Name: Dawn
Height: statuesque
State: Massachusetts
Position: Crafter, Nature Lover
Experience: 3 boys
Passing: along great information!
Rushing: to the window to greet the little birds.
Team: By Sun and Candlelight

Do you think the rest of you could try to look a little more surly? Maybe smear some mascara on your cheekbones? Thanks!


  1. Ha ha ha ha... that is too funny! We have a lot of the same around here! Instead of sports, though, Daddio's facts are centered around the car industry... so I would need to come up with a glossy magazine with tons of facts :-).

  2. Hilarious! My dh has taken up reading some of my favorite blogs just so he knows what I'm talking about!(so he claims. I think he secretly enjoys these ladies as much as I do!LOL!)

  3. TOO FUNNY! While you're at it, do you think you could draft a copy for my hubby, too? We're forever having the same conversations. He's really trying to keep you all straight! :)

  4. Lol, Matilda! Thank you for the smiles and laughs - though I'm not sure 5'4" qualifies as "statuesque!" ;)

    What a funny post and so true - Bill is always trying to keep everyone straight. :)

  5. OK, I obviously guessed you were taller, maybe 5'8" or 5'9".

    Isn't it funny... how we visualize each other in our own heads.

    Instead of making avatars for ourselves, we should make avatars for each other. It would be fun to see what everyone else comes up with.

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  7. Hilarious and so true. My husband is trying to learn everyone as well.

  8. So true. I often ask my dear husband the same thing - how is it that he can remember every play during a game but not what we talked about 10 minutes ago?? It's a mystery.

  9. Oh, this is too, too funny, Matilda! We have the same conversations around here: where is she from? What does her husband do? etc, really surprises me that he takes so much interest in it! So go ahead and make that will save us all some trouble!

  10. What a riot!!! I do the same thing to my dh.

  11. This is so funny!! My husband's the same way only with him it's battles and army units.

  12. But I thought Inminnesota was her last name! The thought of dear Margaret living in Ohio! This post is too funny, Matilda. Thanks for the chuckles.

  13. Very cute Matilda! Your honey is a good man for trying. Mine is still saying "hmmm." I think he's afraid to jump in with both feet. He just doesn't know about you girls!

  14. Totally entertaining! Loved your post!

  15. Fun post and I'm so happy I'm not alone!


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