Friday, July 25, 2008

Best line I've heard all day

"Grace is the Melanie Wilkes to the world’s Scarlett O’Hara..."

Go read the rest here. Thanks to Elizabeth for passing it along. Now, I haven't experienced with my four some of the criticisms that this funny lady has with her twelve, but I remember the looks, stares, and gawks of disgust when I had three under three. Not fun.

I thought this was a very interesting article and thought provoking too. I wondered whether or not I had ever been guilty of isolating someone up on a pedestal. I hope not and if I have, I apologize! As I see it, part of the problem for the extra large families like Jenni's arises from the fact that there are some mothers of many children who ARE trying to prove something and sadly, you've probably all run into one in some form or fashion. I know I have.

And those proud, pitiful women ruin it for everybody else. Their vicious tongues and condescending smiles make it hard to trust those who are more pure of heart and intention. It is our job... everyone's job, including those of us with what use to be considered big families, now apparently just average, to apply the appropriate solution this wise woman offers whether the situation be talking to a mom of three who's secondary infertility is a hidden cross that she carries quietly or standing in line behind a family of 10 vibrant personalities just trying to get home before the ice cream melts. Extend grace. believes the best even when it doesn’t understand, and is humble enough not to insist on explanations. I don’t know of a single situation where it wouldn’t be welcome.


  1. Great line & great post!

    Reflecting on the anniversary of Humanae Vitae, I've often thought one of the sad but rarely remarked-on fruits of the contraceptive mentality was this culture's lack of courtesy -- call it grace -- regarding family size. It didn't use to be anyone's concern how many children a couple had/were planning to have, and now everybody talks about it all the time.

    I like to tell people: "It ISNT' 'She who dies with the most kids wins'!"

    God bless y'all, sis!

  2. Exactly my point! Call it courtesy, grace or plain old Christian charity. I have a friend who wants a T-shirt to wear whenever she drops her daughter off at the local Catholic school that says, "Why yes... I only have one. I would love to have more but this is all God has given me!" And you are right... 100 years ago, if a couple only had one or two children, would anyone accuse them of having a contraceptive mentality towards new life?

  3. Thank you, dear Matilda. You do have the beautiful virtue of charity.

    Know where I can get one of those T-shirts? :)


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