Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Big Reveal~ Part 2

My apologies for not explaining in the previous post that we aren't quite finished with everything yet. Kimberly mentioned that the room had a monastic feel to it and I can see why she might think that. It gave me a chuckle! We are not completely finished in this space. There are still pictures to hang, other decorations to display but the major work (painting, electrical, flooring) is done.
And speaking of electrical, this is my favorite spot in the house now. We replaced an old, ugly mushroom light that didn't actually work anymore with this fun, funky thing. I love it!!! BTW... when I say "we replaced it" I mean Husband hung out at the top of the ladder for a few hours while I peeked through my fingers until he was done. I don't like heights.
I did help figure out how long the chain should be. Look at the pretty design it makes on the ceiling! I'm silly, I know.
Here are the book shelves I have been talking about. I discovered the best way to clean out books. First, take them off the shelf, and move them into another room for about a month. Then, ask yourself if you really want to dust each one and move them all back into the room they belong in. I think we ended up giving a quarter of our original stash away. But, we made so much room that I was able to eliminate my curriculum shelf.
These color coded fabric cubes were repurposed to hold each child's school materials. Some workbooks, math books, puzzles (for BigBoy). They can be transported to a closet whenever we have company over. For now, I am fine with them filling up the space under the bar since I am too scared to buy barstools. I have tipping nightmares. Did I mention I hate heights?
Previously, our living room wasn't being used as a room to live in. It was a place to hold the stuff that couldn't go in any other room. The ugly, broken chandelier that sat over the supposed-to-be-formal-dining-table-but-we-use-it-as-a-learning table looked awkward, like earrings on a pig. Now it is cozy and warm. A place to read books, do crafts, or play a song with St. Cecelia within prayer ear shot. A nice payoff for all the hard work.


  1. Beautiful, Matilda! It really is breath-taking....


  2. How lovely, Matilda. We recently repainted our great room (and all the connecting walls), and I had the same experience with moving things out -- I'm very hesitant to move it all back in again. So much so I haven't hung a single thing on the walls yet, and I've had plenty of opportunity.

    I can't wait to get a new kitchen light fixture, but I must!! Eventually!

    Very beautiful space!

  3. That is a cool funky light fixture. I like it. I also love the altar space you've got set up with the statues and the cross.

  4. Wow! Everything looks beautiful! I really like your colored cube idea. I only have one child but I could put categorize her stuff using that system.

  5. Lookin' good Matilda! And I second LaFamilia's comment on the cubes. Those are cool.

  6. Hey ladies, if you are interested in getting some fabric cubes/drawers they are on sale at the big red bullseye stores!

  7. So beautiful, thank you for sharing all those photos, I love your ceiling lights and the lovely, breezy white area of the home with your altar.

  8. Love the chandelier near your cozy comforing corner!

  9. I love the open feel - that light fixture is perfect for that space. You have a great sense of style. No way monastic. More like a Catholic Pottery Barn. OH, the Barn (dreamy look).

    I like the fabric cubes... but I a afraid Bebe would get in there and DBRF (drool, bend, rip and fling).


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