Thursday, July 31, 2008

St. Ignacio's Nachos

Why nachos for St. Ignatius? Is it OK to quote myself?

... the dish we now know today as "nachos", which come in many variations and flavors, was originally served by a chef in Piedras Negras, Mexico as a simple combination of fried corn tortillas, melted cheese and jalapenos. It was named after that chef who was baptized Ignatio Anaya (named for St. Ignatius no doubt) but known to his friends and family simply as Nacho.

Go read the rest of the story over at Catholic Cuisine (which is the excellent resource/brain child created by this sweet lady) and also Mary's excellent post on St. Ignatius of Loyola's heritage. I thought I would point to them here in case anyone wants to join us in our nacho festival or maybe have a Basque bankete of their own. I don't remember why we didn't celebrate on the 12th (probably illness), but we didn't so I think we will try for today. Enjoy!


  1. Nachos are on our lunch menu today today -- great timing -- and a Spanish meal for dinner. St. Ignatius pray for us. Thanks for posting.

  2. mmmm... I love nachos. And have recently been on a nacho kick. They're a quick and easy dinner when I don't feel like cooking.

  3. Great story... and I love that the most authentic picture she could find comes from Aberdeen, Scotland. What a melting pot the world is these days.


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