Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Another Makeover

Sorry about the fuzziness, but it is the only shot I took before starting this guy's makeover. My little brother made this funny gumball guy in shop class many, many years ago. I think it was a Christmas present, hence the red and green decor. So, when the kids found him at the top of the closet we were clearing out for the flooring guys, they asked if he could be dusted off and put to yummy use. I said "Yes" but, no offense to my little brother, not looking like he did.

Better, don't ya think? I think he's cute. The kids think he's a hoot.


  1. What a treasure, and good as new with a fresh coat of paint! Fun stuff!

  2. Better, yes, and very very cute.

    PS. You changed the gumballs, right? ;)

  3. Can you provide a pattern?
    That is too cute!

  4. Anonymous,
    I can't, I'm sorry. As I said, my little brother made this at least 12-14 years ago as a project in a wood working class. It was probably something the teacher walked them through.

    And Miss Maggie,
    How bout we just call you Miss Smarty Pants? 'Kay? ;)

  5. Very super cute! Maybe I could paint my nose and ears green and get a whole new look too...

    PS Who's that Maggie lady? Do you think she knows our beloved Margaret?

  6. this is adorable! Great makeover! We may have to search out a pattern for this. What a great Christmas present idea. &:o)

  7. MUCH improved. Before? He looked a little...ummmmm texaschainsawmassicre or something. Heehee!


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