Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Cheat Sheet

Kimberlee's post a few months ago about her recipe cheat sheet inspired by Amy Karol's really stuck in my brain. Very handy idea, but which recipes to choose? Here is what I created for my kitchen:
I added my laundry detergent recipe, a high fiber trail mix that Husband really likes and a fun quote. I thought it was funny and we don't eat red meat. Without all of the directions that I am aware of through frequent use, these shorthand recipes may not mean much to anyone else. I printed out Kimberlee's to try some of her delicious favorites. At first I was a little stumped but was finally able to figure out the preparation instructions all on my lonesome (someone doesn't have call waiting!!!).

The waffles were delicious. The children gave them four thumbs up! Thanks Mrs. K.

Whoops! Just caught a typo. I do not put 12 mashed bananas in my banana bread. Sorry.
Oh...and that's 1 1/2C. of flour in the Sunrise Scones.


  1. Cool! Can I have a copy, sis? Pretty please?


  2. You would not appreciate a phone call this early. I'm guessing 1 1/2 cup FLOUR in the scones...
    I love this idea!

  3. Elizabeth,
    I was actually up very early this morning so you could have called, but you are is flour.

    I'll fix the typos before I print you a copy, Red.

  4. I love it! Have to do one for our kitchen.

    Did you make it in a word processor?

  5. Yes, Melanie. I used MS Word using mostly text box and word art functions (for the dotted lines and the pics. I tried doing it as columns and a chart but it was too difficult to format.

    I was telling Elizabeth that it took me a couple of months to see which dishes I really made regularly that I kept returning to the original recipe to check proportions. I would love to see the recipes you choose to put on a cheat sheet.

  6. I'll post mine when I get it done. I think, like you, it will take a while. Though I might start with the printouts I keep by my stove. I think we'll have to do two, though. One for me and one for Dom. He's as much of a cook as I am but we specialize in different things. :)

  7. Melanie,
    You can always do a two sided sheet; one side for you, one side for Dom. Inside of one of those plastic sheet protectors you would still be able to see both sides.

  8. Hi Matilda! What fun! I can't wait to try your chocolate zuch bread! Yes, it takes a little while to decide which recipes go on the sheet but once you do it's so handy. I use mine everyday. I have Amy Karol's printed out and stuck in the back of mine, using a sheet protector as you said. Sorry about my inferior phone! Anyone can feel free to email me with any questions. :-)


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