Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday Thoughts

1. A special pancake breakfast is a great way to celebrate finishing the first year of a new math program that we didn't hate, or cry about, or throw on the floor in anguish. Can you say SUCCESS!?! Math-U-See, I-Thank-U!

2. Just because a ten year old boy might be a little embarrassed to order a Funny Face pancake, that won't stop him from eating eat your bacon. And half your eggs.

3. Hulu read my mind. Fiddler on the Roof is the Hulu Days-of-Summer pick for today and I have been singing Matchmaker in my head since Sunday. Guess what the girls will be watching while the boys are off fencing tonight? Dear Yenta, see that he's gentle. Remember, you were also a bride... I feel 12 years old again!

What's going on in your part of the world today? Feel free to leave your thoughts for today below!


  1. I have been pretty busy over here in my little corner of the world! My husband is in CA fighting wildfires, and each time he has an assignment like it makes me realize just HOW MUCH he helps me around here!

    Your 10 year old son sounds like my oldest! lol!

    I am glad to hear that you liked your Math program, that is AWESOME! I am really trying to decide WHAT to do next year. We have been using Saxon, and 1st grade went wonderfully (though super time consuming) but, this past year was not very successful, mainly due to my son's auditory processing challenge. So, it has me questioning whether or not to look into switching programs, or sticking it out with Saxon, since I already have all the materials. I will have 3 children using it this year (K, 1 and 2) and the thought of that is OVERWHELMING!!

    I hope you have a nice evening with your girls!!!

  2. Some Wednesday thoughts from me...

    It is hot and humid here with storms moving in and out all day. We've been house-bound doing quite a bit of nothing for a change, which actually feels quite nice. The Boys are building wonderful things with LEGOS and I'm sipping iced coffee to keep cool. It is supposed to rain all week so maybe I'll get a start on painting and decorating the spare bedroom like I should have done a month ago!

    Hurray for Math U See!! I have had the same experience here with my 10 year old boy. Love it!


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