Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Plans for celebrating Mother Teresa

I hope everyone had a restful and relaxing Labor Day. As we prepare to weather our share of Gustav and continue to pray for those bearing the brunt of the storm, I wanted to share with you some of our plans for Friday.

One of our favorite saints-to-be is Blessed Teresa of Calcutta. She was beloved by so many people throughout the world and rightfully so! I posted about our plans last year and followed up with this report. This year will be more of the same with the exception of a few different recipes. Albania is located just northwest of Greece, so the food is very similar to Greek cuisine. I am planning to try Baklava (so fun to say!) instead of the walnut cake. I fell in love with this flaky delicacy when I was in Greece but have never tried it on my own.

And my children are demanding more homemade naan. They love this stuff and if I remember correctly, it was pretty easy to make. We have a local grocery store that sells garlic naan that my kids think is a huge treat when we pick it up after our errand runs and serve it with cheese cubes and fruit on a Friday afternoon. I call it cheap, easy (and mostly healthy) fast food! I might experiment with making my own garlic version by substituting the Nigella seeds (which I usually omit) for minced garlic. The hummus is for Husband and I unless someone has a more kid friendly version for me to try. Chai tea lattes are still on the menu and loved by everyone especially with a scoop of whipped cream on top! We brew our own tea, but here is a recipe for instant if you want to try your own.

Lastly, here are two coloring pages I made for the girls to choose from.

Blessed Teresa 1
Blessed Teresa 2

The first one turned out OK but I was less than thrilled with my attempt at doing hands, so I made the second one which I like better, but will let you decide for yourself.


  1. Thanks. I missed her memorial in my liturgical plans.

  2. It wont let me print it!

  3. Anonymous,
    Would you mind giving me a little more information and I'll see what I can do to figure it out? You can email me if you want. My address is over on the side bar.

  4. Thanks for the pictures of Blessed Mother Teresa. I am looking for a bookmark sized picture of her, ideally something that is in a mosaic or stained glass style. Any suggestions?


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