Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pope Saints

Here is a coloring page for Pope St. Pius X. This one is for Cay's girls even though they won't see this. We are still praying for you and hope that you can return home soon! I am sorry that I missed his feast day on August 21, but today would be his feast day on the old calendar and as Lisa said, "...there are no 'days' in Heaven." And for Jenn over at the 4 Real Forums, here is Pope Saint Gregory the Great whose feast day IS today! Thanks for the reminder Jenn! : )

And, BTW, I was encouraged to copyright these coloring pages so that they can't be used against my wishes but I also added to the side bar a note on what my wishes are and how they may be used. Have a great day!


  1. Oh, thank you SO MUCH for doing a traditional calendar saint today!! Pope Pius X is a favorite around here, too. We follow the traditional calendar, and sometimes it is disappointing when the days don't line up with what everyone else is doing and we can't use the great resources mothers like you provide! :)

  2. Really, by the very nature that you made them, they are copyrighted under U.S. law.

    If you wanted to prove your copyright to them at any point, just seal up your coloring pages in an envelope and mail it to yourself. Then, just file away the *unopened* envelope. Then, if you ever had to prove when you made them, you would have them sealed in an envelope with a dated postmark.

    Hope that helps! :)

  3. I searhed for a long time yesterday trying to find a coloring page for St. Gregory the great and NO ONE had one. Then I remembered your blog from St. Moncia's day and I came back only to find once again you saved my day! Thanks - how do you do the pictures though?

  4. My children love your coloring pages! I hope you will design more!

    In JMJ,

  5. Hey Charlotte,

    You know I love your pictures:) I dont know if you ever wonder what everyone does with your pictures but I wanted to show you our latest activity. We used them to make suncatchers.


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