Monday, September 29, 2008

Technical Difficulties

Some people are having trouble downloading the archangel coloring pages. I really have no idea why. The documents are listed as private but that just means that you have to have the URL in order to find them on Scribd. They can't be found just by doing a search. I have checked and allowed all of the various ways of downloading them (acrobat, text, etc...) so if you click on the link and then click the download tab, it should work. It might ask you to register with Scribd, but that is a free and easy process. If you are still having trouble downloading, send me an email and will send the pdf files directly to you but in order to make sure that you get them on time, please try doing it through Scribd first. I can't guarantee that I am going to have internet access all day today.

Thanks and sorry for the problems!

UPDATE: Adele just let me know that you can also just print them instead of downloading them. That might work better instead.


  1. We have been gratfully usuing your coloring pages for a few weeks. I always just right click and print . I have never had any problem and didn't today. Thanks so much for this labor of love. It has become the bright spot of our devotion time. Trish Aldrich

  2. Never had any problems... but I just click and print directly. Beautiful work!

  3. Maybe it's all that traffic to the site? I've never had difficulty. I registered and then download to print. Thank you for these!!!! St. Michael is my oldest daughter's patron saint.

  4. I've had problems since started accessing Charlotte's beautiful work, but I always assumed it was just computer incompetence on my part. I don't have a printer up in the house, so I tried to have my husband print them at his office and nothing I tried worked--e-mailing them, creating an account, downloading, nothing... :(

  5. I have clicked on the link to the coloring page, and when it brought me to Scribd, I clicked on the "iPaper" button, then the "Print". It's worked every time.

    And thanks, Charlotte, for sharing your talent with all of us!

  6. I have found that Opera can't see them at all. I have to open your blog in Explorer, and then I can finally get it to open.

    Frustrating, but worth it!


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