Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Minutes

It's still Monday, right?

Sunday, Mar. 9:
Bad sinus day but I did finally see the numbers on the scale move!

Monday, Mar. 10:
Outside yard work (1 hour) I am counting this as exercise for today because it was the first time we have been back in the yard since the fall but hope to make this a regular practice.

Tuesday, Mar. 11:
4 fast miles DVD

Wednesday, Mar. 12:
1 mile walk DVD (I need new walking shoes and probably won't be able to get to the mall until Friday.)

Thursday, Mar. 13:
Bought new shoes

Friday, Mar. 14:
Breaking in new shoes

Saturday, Mar. 15:
Painting a nursery all day. Not exactly exercise, but I guarantee you my arms and shoulders are going to be getting a workout!