Monday, March 9, 2009

Window Dressing

Don't you love making your kids think that you have totally lost your mind? Try painting on the windows!
Spring has started to poke it's head up here so we decided it was time to make the house look like it. This is our learning room window and I had hoped to pick up an ivy garland to drape over the top but since we are all feeling blah and not much like running out anywhere, I decided to dress the window up with some paint. Yes, that's right. It's paint. But never fear, it washes off quickly and easily with a little warm water & vinegar. I just used warm water and that was enough but the vinegar might come in handy once the paint has been on their awhile.

I only had blue tempera paint in the craft closet left over from the popcorn bluebonnets that we made many moons ago. I was able to add a little yellow food coloring to make the green but I think that the paint produces a better color. As soon as we get to the craft store, we are going to add butterflies and ladybugs and all of the other things that remind us of spring! I have promised the children that the lower windows are reserved for them. Here is the recipe:

Window Paint
2 Tbl. dried tempera paint
1 Tbl. warm water
1 tsp. dish liquid

Mix water and paint until paint is dissolved. Slowly mix in soap (so as not to make bubbles). Paint with brush or sponge, just watch out for globs and drips. The paint dries pretty fast but you might encourage your children to be patient before adding multiple layers to get a really vibrant color. The first coat was kind of thin. Also, if you add a little more paint or a little less water, it does make the paint thicker but you still will need to do a couple of coats to get vivid colors.

I'll post another picture when the window is finished.


  1. I love it! How fun. Happy spring, Charlotte!

  2. I love the window! Looking forward to the pictures you post of the finished window. It seems so fun!

    I like the bluebonnet project you shared. I might try to do the same with my kiddos if we can squeeze just one.more.thing into right now.

  3. I think it looks great! It is so nice that Spring is almost here. It's 81 degrees here in Jacksonville today!!!

  4. Your windows look great! What a fun way to decorate your learning room! Everyone needs a little cheer right about now, as we anticipate spring. I look forward to seeing pictures of the finished windows—ladybugs and all!

  5. i like this idea charlotte. i can't wait to see the rest.and your kids, though they may think you are crazy, will remember these things the best. but just don't be surprised if one of them starts painting other windows in the house. one time i painted huge murals on my kids' bedroom walls and then one of them-i don't remember now which one-did the same. and then when i was tempted to get mad my husband said-how can you when they see YOU doing the same thing! but i guess i wasn't really mad, just upset that they painted over MY picture!
    anyway, happy spring to you.
    and thanks for that scrap quilt link. i really want to make one-out of scraps-but i have so many projects on my plate right now-or i guess it is mostly because i feel so guilty for frivolous sewing during lent.....


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