Friday, March 6, 2009

7 Quick Takes (maybe, if I get that many)

1. My laundry room (see March 6) is so clean right now; even the curtains got washed! I am seriously fighting the urge live in there while I wash everything in my house!

2. Crunch cans are on sale right now at The Container Store (not online) for half price. These are the old style (not the new style) but I think the old style fabric patterns are prettier than the new striped ones.

3. Bigboy (aka The Loverlove) declared that he was not going to comply with my request to sit on the small couch and read a book, he was going to sit on the Loverlove seat! I don't know how he knows that it really is called a love seat

4. Oh and he really did read the book! OK, it was a short simple "Pat sat at Mass" book but not bad for a 4 year old!

5. Poor Husband is sick. He came home from work, took a shower and climbed into bed. That makes three out of six so the rest of us are keeping our fingers crossed that the tie sticks and we don't go into sudden death overtime!

6. Paint touch-ups don't go so well when the paint is about 6 years old and dried out. And if you think the store can mix you another batch that will match, you are wrong. Any tips?

7. If you haven't checked out Dawn's post about how she prepares for the week ahead, you simply must! And if you haven't read the Archbold brothers' signs of the Apocalypse, you simply must. Those are two crazy guys that I would love to meet someday! Provided the world is still here.

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  1. 6. I know Sherwin Williams is great at matching colors here. I am not sure how you would get the sample to them, but if you can, they can do a great job, from past experience. And yes you are right. It is frustrating. May just be easier to paint the whole wall again so you don't have spots. We purposefully watched when the Sherwin Williams paint would go on sale, the kind you can wash and scrub, and bought our paint there. So far, the extra money has been worth it. I can take a wash cloth or a magic eraser and get stuff off the wall.

  2. College boy has one of those big round crunch cans in the old print that he uses for dirty laundry -- they are awesome (but of course I paid full price!). I may have to venture over to the Container Store, although it is a near occasion of sin for me.


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