Thursday, March 19, 2009

Our little steps for St. Joseph

I might have an olive complexion, or at least I used to when I was younger, but there is not a drop of Italian in my heritage or Husband's. But we do love St. Joseph and since we were given a "starter kit" for a St. Joseph's Altar, we decided to do it in whatever little way we could.

So, in reading about this tradition, it seems as though the underlying purpose (besides giving thanks to a powerful intercessor) is to share our bounty with others in our community and especially those less fortunate. The offerings were gathered, enjoyed and then shared with the poor but if you try to share a dish of manicotti and some poached fish with a food pantry today, you will be denied. They can't accept breads made to look like lambs unless Dolly Madison made them and they come individually wrapped. So, instead we talked about the traditional offerings and we looked at this cut and color version. Then we went to the store to see what we could find that would be a good representation. You can see our version up above. Sardines, Italian style green beans, canned tomatoes, biscotti, sparkling grape juice, orzo, animal crackers and more. Everything, except the strawberries, will be gathered up tomorrow and taken to the food pantry on our way to Mass.

It may not be traditional, but it works for us! Happy Solemnity to you and your working men!

Composed by Pope St. Pius X
O glorious St. Joseph, model of all those who are devoted to labor, obtain for me the grace to work conscientiously, putting the call of duty above my natural inclinations, to work with gratitude and joy, in a spirit of penance for the remission of my sins, considering it an honor to employ and develop by means of labor the gifts received from God, to work with order, peace, moderation and patience, without ever shrinking from weariness and difficulties, to work above all with purity of intention and detachment from self, having always death before my eyes and the account that I must render of time lost, of talents wasted, of good omitted, of vain complacency in success, so fatal to the work of God. All for Jesus, all through Mary, all after thine example, O Patriarch, St. Joseph. Such shall be my watchword in life and in death. Amen.


  1. The altar looks just beautiful, Charlotte!!!

    We're still working on ours...we'll finish it after a "Flight into Egypt" nature walk. :)

    St. Joseph, pray for us!

  2. What a great idea, Charlotte! You've solved the sharing problem families have with small home Altars. Don't worry about it not being traditional - it's your traditions that make a special to St. Joseph! Viva San Giuseppe!

  3. Hey, that looks cool. Had I seen all that stuff earlier, I would have attempted it... ahhhh, next year!

  4. That's a really nice idea! I've never done a St. Joseph altar and don't know anyone around here who does it either. This is very practical and good looking too. We have the same Joseph statue. :)

  5. Charlotte:

    What a sweet idea...while we used our "bounty" to feed the not-so-starving-minions in this household, you've demonstrated a far more practical that I hope to emulate. Your suggestion to donate these "traditional" foods to a local pantry, in honor of St. Joseph, is very appropriate! Thanks for posting...

    BTW: your altar is lovely!

  6. i love that altar! mine was so small in comparison, now i feel bad, but in the middle of all this spring cleaning i could not manage one more thing.
    but maybe we could donate some food, that would be a nice gesture, in his honor.
    thanks for always being so inspiring.

    and i loved your post on the raisins in the irish soda bread!


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