Monday, March 23, 2009

Here's a peek...

... at the little projects that were keeping us busy.

Headbands made entirely from scrap.

And totally reversible!

Rocking chair cushions for Baby O (or rather, for her mama, papa and big sister) I tried to match the colors and patterns in the nursery theme they picked out... Jungle Luv! The dominant colors in the bedding were the pinks but we painted the room a pretty yellow called Pale Daffodil (which I see is very popular this season) and I thought the stripes tied the blues and greens in nicely.

The Quilties can be seen below and I'd show you the curtains, but the pictures turned out the way you'd expect a picture of a window to turn out. They aren't much to look at anyway, being plain white muslin. We just wanted something to help help diffuse the direct sunlight that streams through those windows. The neat part is that I hung them with Velcro so they can be removed in the winter when we relish all of that glorious sunlight.

That's all for now. More projects are on the way!


  1. OH, I'm so glad those turned out so well... I plan on putting a few together for friends and family, and now I know they will turn out :-)!

  2. This post made me smile. Actually, I was sitting in the ICU waiting room and scrolled through my iPod to check Google Reader. When I saw the reference to Pale Daffodil I laughed (which was good medicine for me today).

    Very popular this season, indeed. We'll make it so. ;)

  3. Adorable, Charlotte!

    So very, very "springy!"

  4. SO adorable! Those headbands are on our list.


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