Thursday, March 5, 2009

Small Successes (7)

I made banana bread especially for my littlest guy who has been hungry all day lately (must be a growth spurt coming on) and who also requested it so sweetly.

I reorganized the boys' bedroom, got rid of a lot of junk (with their permission) and even got rid of the old broken dresser they were using for clothes storage. I also came up with a fairly inexpensive replacement using some shelves we already had and some new canvas bins. Loooooove canvas bins!

Played at the park with the kids for over an hour and taught Shortcake how to pump a swing. She needs a little more practice but she definitely got the gist of it. Why is that so hard? I think teaching them to read was actually easier!

Celebrate more small successes over at F&FL.


  1. It is hard to teach kids how to swing. I guess because once you learn how to do it is intuitive, and that is a hard thing to explain to someone else. Yea for all of your successes.

  2. I'm still trying to pass on the concept of "pump yourself on the swings" to my too little girls. It's 50 degrees right now...perhaps I'll get another opportunity today!

    Thanks for sharing, Charlotte!

  3. Congratulations on number 2. I want to do this so bad to our boys bedroom. It's pretty scary in there. : )


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