Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lenten Cleaning

Elizabeth asked for a peek at our Lenten cleaning schedule after she so kindly shared hers and her inspiration. I was already working on mine so here it is. It involves not just cleaning but serious decluttering and a little bit of home improvement!

March 4th: Boys' bedroom
March 5th: Boys' clothes/closet/paint touchups
March 6th: Laundry room
March 7th: Girls' room/closet
March 8th: Sunday
March 9th: Game cabinet
March 10th: DVD/video storage
March 11th: Dry bar storage cabinets
March 12th: Bookshelves
March 13th: Craft closets
March 14th: Garage
March 15th: Sunday
March 16th: Kitchen
March 17th: Freezers
March 18th: Spare room
March 19th: Spare room closet
March 20th: Master bedroom closet
March 21st: Dining area (including paint touch-ups)
March 22nd: Sunday
March 23rd: Master bedroom
March 24th: Master bedrooms storage cubes
March 25th: Master bathroom
March 26th: Linen closet
March 27th: Kitchen
March 28th: Back porch
March 29th: Sunday
March 30th: Refrigerator & pantry
March 31st: School room & desk
April 1st: Living room
April 2nd:Play room
April 3rd: Powder room
April 4th: Front porch sweep
April 5th: Sunday
April 6th: Baseboards (paint touch-ups)
April 7th: Windows
April 8th: Spring bedding & Room refresh in preparation for Holy Thursday Passover Meal
April 9th: Spend the day at the hospital waiting for the arrival of a long anticipated little blessing!
April 10th: Clean car
April 11th: Hanging baskets of flowers
April 12th: Easter!!!


  1. This is such a great idea. I was just blogging on my blog on how I was tired everything just being so cluttered and not organized.
    So, I too shall post soon on the Ipp's Lenten Cleaning.

  2. hello charlotte. i have read you off and on, but i don't know if i've ever commented. i just wanted to say that this is a great idea. i am seriously de-cluttering myself. but the sewing stuff, which is probably the area where i am the MOST cluttered, is the stuff i have the hardest time parting with.

    and ps. i love those baby quilts you made and for such special mamas. i have a few diff. kinds of toile in just about every color and am so glad they are making baby toile now.

    anyway, take care and happy lenten cleaning! =)

  3. I really like this idea! I want spring cleaning to be part of my Lent but wasn't sure what to do ... Sometimes I'm lucky to just keep up with the day-to-day! I will pray about this and see how I can make this realistic for myself. This post was a nudge in the direction I need to be headed ... Blessings on your day!!


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