Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cute Food

A couple of pictures of the fun stuff we made last week for our Garden of the Good Shepherd activities...
Wolf's Paw cookies. Jessica was able to find the exact cookie used in the photo she linked to. Everything she does is just perfect, isn't it? Since they don't sell that brand around here, we ended up using Pepperidge Farm Tahiti cookies.
Lamb cupcakes. The children loved decorating these themselves. We made our own pink sugar which is why it is so pale but I think it made them look cute. That and the purple eyes. : )


  1. Yours are ADORABLE Charlotte!!

    It was sheer luck (and maybe a little help from St. Francis and Anthony!) that I saw the cookies on an end cap at the LAST store I checked, along with the kind you used. (I hadn't been able to find any, and was about to give up and try making them from scratch...)

    And the pink lambs are the cutest!! I'll have to show my girls! I hadn't realized I was out of white cake mix, so my children ended up receiving just the lamb candies as their treat.

    Also, I am wishing I had some of your cake creating abilities as I try to pull one together tonight for my daughter who's birthday is tomorrow... Now that the last few cakes have been so "extravagant" (in my own totally imperfect way) they are coming to expect it.... Say a prayer for me that it doesn't crack down the middle like the last one! lol!

  2. Love 'em! One treat for each gender ~ my girls would so luv the lamb cupcakes; my boys would so luv the paw cookies.

  3. I so LOVE that bear paw. How great!



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