Friday, July 24, 2009

7 Quick Takes

(Curiosity killed the cat, but for a while I Jennifer was a suspect. ~ mostly Stephen Wright)

BigBoy is loving his little Fr. Robert. He comes out for breakfast every morning asking, "Can I see what my vestment is for today?" Is it wrong of me to imagine him asking that 20 years from now in a sacristy somewhere?

The Professor's godparents are in the process of repairing the damage done by a tornado back in June. BigBoy heard me say to the kids after getting off the phone that Auntie Q and Uncle T got hit by a tornado to which he replied, "Where did they land?"

We are looking for a toaster oven. I've never owned one before. Our regular toaster, which is supposed to have 4 working toast/bagel slots, is now down to 2 sometimes-working-if-you-jiggle-the-handle-just-right slots. Suggestions are appreciated. I would prefer one that doesn't burn on the outside or melt the paint off your cabinets. Oh, and... no exploding glass doors. Is that too much to ask?

Husband brought home these super cool ace reporter style notepads for the kids so of course they HAD to have super cool press passes to go with them. Each child picked their own alias and a new birthday. Husband and I made them last night and left them at their breakfast spots this morning. We are now the proud parents of Gilthoniel, Rowena, Samantha and Ranger Maul. And apparently my new name is Hildegard Fancybottom. It's a pleasure to meet you!

I went shoe shopping this week and discovered, yet again, how much I hate it. Not a hard thing to do when you wear a size "titanic" (that's 10-11 US and 44-45 European) . But never before did I realize how much I loathe it in the summer. As far as body parts go, feet are ugly. I'm sorry. Maybe yours aren't, but mine are and no amount of sparkly straps, or flowers or beads are going to make them pretty. Let's just cover them up, protect them from the elements which only ages them faster and for heaven's sake don't even think about letting my toes play peek-a-boo. OK?

I am about half way through Mockingbird, the (wonderful!) biography of Nelle Harper Lee (correctly pronounced: Nail Hah-puh Lee) and we just Netflixed in (is that a verb now?) the award winning movie with the awe-inspiring Mr. Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch. I am in a mint julep state of mind! In the special features, it mentioned that Harper Lee cried during Mr. Peck's first scene because he reminded her so much of her father, even down to his little pot belly. I couldn't help noticing how much Mr. Peck (as an old man) reminded me of my Pawpaw.
And then I started crying.

Wii Fit Expert Level Rhythm Boxing Champ.
'Nuff said!
If you even dream of beating me you'd better wake up and apologize. ~ Mohammad Ali


  1. Ohmygoodness, the press passes are THE coolest! My hubby and I met working on a paper -- we really need to copy you on this. (The pseudonyms are too much fun, Mrs. Fancybottom!)

    Oh, and I have to comment on "Mockingbird." I haven't read it yet, but I'm gonna now that you've tipped me to it! I've read Miz Lee's novel probably a half dozen times and love it. The movie, though, with Gregory Peck, is one of the few examples of a film that matches its inspiration. We watch it every October; it's a fall tradition. Mr. Peck is a dead ringer for my great grandfather -- I keep hoping one of my kids will pick up his looks!

    Loved the Quick Takes -- Hope you have a great weekend, Charlotte.

  2. #7 cracked me up!
    The Wii Fit is so fun! I can't wait to use mine soon, but I just can't handle it gasping at me and telling me I'm doing the exact opposite of my "goal," gaining weight!

    Great post today!

  3. I have a Cuisenart toaster oven. In the six years I have had it, there have been no problems whatsoever. I think there are a couple different models of that brand, but I don't know which one I have. It is about the size of a microwave and it claims that it can toast six pieces of bread at once, but I think those must be small pieces of bread because the most I have ever done at once is four.

  4. We've got a Euro-Pro toaster oven. I think purchased at Target. I doubt it's the best one on the market; but it has served us well for four years now.

    It does get fairly hot on the sides and top, though I've never burned myself on it. It did melt a plastic bag that was left on top. It toasts bread and bagels very well and I use it for making fish sticks and fries, baking sweet potatoes and beets and reheating pizza.

  5. Toaster ovens: I bought one a few years ago (don't remember the brand), but I gave it away after a year. I thought it would be more convenient and we would use it for more small cooking, but we didn't and it took up too much counter space. It didn't make toast as well as a toaster, IMO. You know what my husband really loves using? One of those old-fashioned toaster racks you put on top of a stove. It has a plate with holes that holds up four wire racks. It does make really good hot toast, but you have to watch it and flip the bread to toast the other side. We've been through a lot of toasters, but we'll never have to add this old-time gadget to the landfill and it doesn't take up any counter space. I think Lehman's might still sell them (I picked up ours at the second-hand shop).

  6. Here's a link, if you're curious:

  7. I'm a 10, too. And at 5'4 - 5'5ish, I think it horribly unfair that I'm not taller.


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